Vocational Colleges

The BBS (Berufsbildende Schule, or Vocational College) Brinkstrasse in Osnabrück educates around 4600 students from the surrounding region who attend the Vocational College or the Vocational Secondary School. The college is a certified ‘European School’ (Europaschule) which is proud to have 12 partner schools in over 13 different locations in and outside of Europe. In preparation for an apprenticeship, students can attend the Vocational Training College, which offers courses at level 2 and 3. Any young person learning a craft or trade usually does so under the dual system of vocational education and training. This means that students gain hands-on experience by completing an apprenticeship at a company and attending the part-time vocational college. The employer provides the apprentice with practical training. Internships offered include: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, mechatronics, automotive technology, supply engineering or natural science. Some students attend the Technical College in order to prepare themselves for University by gaining their A Levels (equivalent to level 4). The BBS Brinkstrasse is a diverse and vibrant school that is proud to offer students the essential skills they need for their future careers!
IES Politécnico de Vigo is located in the northwest of Spain, in a coastal city of 300,000 inhabitants. Vigo is a business city; it has an international port, good communications and services... Vigo is known for its companies’ high productivity, leaders in many sectors such as automotive or aeronautics, and its export capacity, higher than the Spanish average and representing 29% of Galicia’s total export volume. At IES Politécnico de Vigo different levels of education are taught (Compulsory Secondary Education, Post-compulsory Secondary Education, Intermediate Vocational Training and Higher Vocational Training). These studies are provided also for adult education. In total we have about 1500 students and 140 teachers. To provide with specialized workers to the business network, our vocational training is mainly industrial in sectors such as Electricity and Electronics, Mechanical Manufacturing, Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics and Building and Civil Engineering. In the 2020-21 academic year, we were the first educational center in Spain to teach the Smart Manufacturing specialization course, a new certificate to train workers for industry 4.0. In this line our institution is involved in several innovation projects, as well as in Erasmus+ projects which add value to the organization, the teaching staff, the students and the professional and social environment.
Our School is a State Institute of Higher education and offers five years courses to get a Certificate both for entering directly the Workplace or accessing University. Our Institute is located in the border area of Switzerland. It hosts 800 students, 110 teachers. Close relationships with Local Bodies, Industries and Associations -Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli, SPM, ABB, Siemens, Politecnico di Milano, Camera di Commercio di Varese- have been cultivated for a long time for working experiences. COURSES Technical: Electronics and Automation. Information technology Economical: Business and marketing; Tourism Our three years Educational Syllabus, 2019-2022 includes, in addition to curricular activities: - encouraging educational success and strengthening of School Inclusion - developing of responsible behavior in respect of law, of environmental sustainability and natural heritage - developing active and democratic citizenship skills through processes of dialogue and peace between people and cultures - enhancing and strengthening language skills, above all languages of EU - Developing students’ e-skills - strengthening of lab activities - promoting excellence - highlighting cooperation projects with productive local area bodies - building up work placement in Italy and abroad - Cooperating with European Schools in vocational projects
Tampere Vocational College Tredu is the second largest vocational college in Finland. We offer a wide range of vocational education options and qualifications and also development services and training for the working life. We have altogether 14 different study locations in Tampere region and yearly approximately 17 000 young and adult students. Whether you are someone who is working towards their first profession, a career changer or perhaps a future entrepreneur, we are here to give you a professional head start. Tredu takes you to thousands of jobs!
As ROC Friese Poort we are proud to be internationally involved in Erasmus Projects like Arveti 4.0. ROC Friese Poort provides education for about 3300 students from ages 16 and up in the province of Friesland, which is in the northern part of the Netherlands. As a regional vocational institution ROC Friese Poort supplies a wide range of courses that vary in level and length. Our students go to school and have periods of internships in their field of expertise as well. This way we want to make sure that our students have the chance to become real professionals when they finish their course. As ROC Friese Poort our goals is providing a tempting and meaningful educational environment. We are an institution that creates the opportunity for life-long learning, as well we want to be frontrunners in educational- and technological developments. However, our main goal is to make sure our students will be world citizens with an open mind using 21st century skills to broaden their own world and the world of others, regardless of the field of expertise chosen.

Our Partners

Our Italian partner Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of NC centerless grinding machines. They are accurate, reliable and high tech machines which find their application in different industrial sectors such as automotive, bearing industry, electric motors, tools, hydraulics, etc.

Our Italian partner SPM said: "We believe in the new generations, in YOUNG ENERGIES and in unstoppable curiosity. This is the reason why we support projects and initiatives promoted by the SCHOOLS of our territory and we join cultural exchange projects with German institutes"

German partner Krone support us by working on the Arveti 4.0 project in cooperation with their apprentices. They very kindly hosted us for the LTTA1 in Osnabrück, where students carried out their workshops.

German company Coppenrath & Wiese participated in Arveti 4.0 by enabling their electricians for automation technology to participate in the project

German company Amazone supported Arveti 4.0 by hosting a visit during the LTTA1 and enabling their mechatronics apprentices to participate in the project

Thanks to German company Meurer who encouraged their apprentice electricians for automation technology to participate in the project

German company Kieback & Peter enabled an apprentice to participate in the LTTA2

German company AGRO International supported their apprentice by allowing him to in participating in the LTTA2

The German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence supported the BBS Brinkstrasse by offering us training on how to use the Microsoft Hololens for the LTTA1 workshops

The German company Grimme supported the project by collaborating with their mechatronics apprentices to create workshop teaching materials


hololens 2

Microsoft Holo Lens

The German Group used Erasmus+ funds to invest in the Microsoft Hololens to use AR for their workshops in Germany


The Finish Group used the M300XL. Details: The Optic: 640x360p nHD screen, 16: 9 aspect ratio, brightness > 2000 nits, supports left or right eye, 2-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM, Android 6 operating system, 64 GB internal flash memory ​ Controlling: Four Android control buttons, voice control - customizable and available in multiple languages, two-axis touchpad ​ Integrated head tracking : Three degrees of freedom head tracking, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis integrated compass ​ Audio: Dual noise-canceling microphone and speaker