Project Results and Teaching Materials

Spanish Workshop Materials

Spanish workshop, LTTA2

Spanish Workshop: Virtual Plants

Spanish Workshop: Machine Simulator

Spanish Workshop: Validation of CAD designs



Italian Workshop Materials

Italian workshop, LTTA1

Italian Workshop: Machine Movements

Italian Workshop: Videogame

Italian Workshop: SPM Metaverse

Finnish Workshop Materials

Finnish workshop, LTTA2

Finnish Workshop: 3D Bear

Finnish Workshop: Remote Control

Finnish Workshop: Guide to HTC Vive system using

Finnish Workshop: HoloLens in education

Finnish Workshop: Occulus Quest 2 in Education

German Workshop Materials

The German Team at the end of the LTTA2

German Workshop: Smart Factory

German Workshop: Quality Management Krone

German Workshop: Amazone

German Workshop:  Coppenrath und Wiese

German Workshop: Grimme

German Workshop: Kieback & Peter

German Workshop: Krone

German Workshop: Meurer

Dutch Workshop Materials

Dutch Workshop, LTTA2

Dutch Workshop: Arveti Zoo

Dutch Workshop: Da Bomb

Dutch Workshop: MS Guides and HoloLens

Dutch Workshop: MS Remote Assist and HoloLens

Dutch Workshop: Communication via VR